We believe

The best defense for our country and the 2nd Amendment is a well-trained and educated population of responsible armed citizens. Through in-person classes and numerous other training mediums, we at Gunmag Warehouse are dedicated to providing current, relevant and meaningful training for armed citizens, law enforcement officers and tactical teams.


Daniel Shaw

Retired US Marine infantry unit leader and multiple-tour combat veteran Daniel Shaw pulls from his extensive military career experience to create the moral ethos of carrying a firearm. As a firearm and tactics mentor, Daniel is a pioneer in designing a training program that integrates more than just weapon proficiency.
“Carrying a gun is – or should be – a gestalt of conditions, not just a mastery of the fundamentals of marksmanship. It is as much about being a good human, controlling emotions, and practicing compassion as it is honing the skills of weapon manipulation and situational awareness.
Shaw leverages a lifetime of training, combat experience, and relentless study of violence to convey this ethos and mindset. His students include armed responsible citizens and those professionally armed men and women who stand daily in harm’s way.
Shaw took experience gleaned in developing curricula and training standards for Marine Security Forces, Fleet Anti-terrorism Security Teams (FAST), and Naval Nuclear Security and created an evolving series of courses now taught across the country. His Curriculum Vitae includes a wide range of DOD/USMC instructor certifications, including Master Instructor of handgun, rifle, shotgun, and the same accreditation for light, medium, and heavy machine guns. He is an accomplished foreign weapons instructor and, more important than the sum of all that, a lifetime student.
“It is my passion to pass along knowledge, experience, and lessons of those I have served with, trained, and learned from to those seeking to study these skills.”