Oct 22-23

Carbine Vitals | DFW


Carbine Vitals is designed to present students of various experience levels with the essential skills and knowledge required to take them to a high level of proficiency in fighting with a carbine.  Balancing speed and accuracy with respect to tactics and weapons manipulation, Carbine Vitals I is a fast-paced mentally and physically demanding course.

Day 2 begins by building upon the core competencies established in Carbine Vitals I through an increased sense of urgency in weapons manipulation and shot delivery with respect to precision and time availability.  In Carbine Vitals II we move past static shooting by engaging minds, incorporating the secondary weapon and communication while dealing with the environment and geographics. The course culminates in a final individual event that requires each shooter to employ the techniques learned in Carbine Vitals day I and II while experiencing mental and physiological stressors.

All Complimentary

  • Continental breakfast at the range each morning
  • Water, sports drinks and other refreshments
  • Catered lunch provided
  • Debrief dinner after day two.

Day 1

  • Life safety
  • Optimizing support gear
  • Weapons handling
  • Sling employment and uses
  • Maximizing sights and optics
  • Prone position
  • Zeroing
  • Standing position
  • Presentation from ready positions
  • Reloading and problem-solving stoppages
  • Critical communication
  • Dominant positions and explosive movement
  • Forward, backward, and lateral movement
  • Final event incorporating all skills learned in the day.

Day 2

  • Life safety
  • CV-I review
  • Speed and rapid precision
  • Handgun as a secondary weapon
  • Transitioning from primary to secondary
  • Transitioning from secondary back to primary
  • Support side shooting
  • Kneeling position
  • Prone position
  • Supine position
  • Positional problem solving
  • Use of cover
  • Use of cover in buddy/team environment
  • Advancing and regression as it relates to use of cover
  • Final event


  • We are currently able to provide ammunition at a fair and reasonable rate. Contact us for details
  • 800 – 1,000 Rounds of rifle/carbine ammunition
  • 200 – 300 Rounds of handgun ammunition
  • Reliable rifle or carbine and a handgun in a defensive caliber
  • Outside or inside the waistband quality non-collapsing holster
  • 4 rifle magazines or more/ at least 3 for handguns
  • Two or more magazine pouches, (reloading from pockets is acceptable)
  • Sling – One, two, or three-point
  • Recommended Equipment: Battle belt or chest rig, or purpose-built messenger bag/active shooter kit, gloves, active hearing protection. Dress how your lifestyle would dictate your likely dress for carbine employment.
  • Ear Protection (electronic preferred)/ Eye Protection
  • Recommended: Gloves
  • Firearm lubricant
Date: Oct 22-23, 2022
Time: 08:30 AM - 05:00 PM
Length: 16 Hours
  • Discipline: Carbine
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • 18 Students
  • Ticket Price: $450
  • Remaining Tickets: 17
  • Registration Ends: 10-21-2022
Instructor: Daniel Shaw
Instructor Daniel Shaw

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